Dividends paid and received (F-982)

Risk to the Company:

The Company must include among its transactionsto report with related parties the dividends received and paid at the end of the fiscal year, this is important, because these amounts can be so significant that they cause a Company that was not required to file the Report of operations with related parties (F-982), now with the inclusion of these amounts , reach the value of $571,429 which is the minimum amount to report transactions with related subjects on the F-982.

Article 244,
paragraph I of the Tax Code

l) Not to present or present after the legal deadline or send without the specifications contained in this code or that the tax administration provides in its forms,the report of operations with related subjects or subjectsdomiciled, constituted or located in countries, states or territories with preferential tax regimes, low or no taxation or tax havens. penalty: a fine of zero point five per cent on the assets or stockholders’ equity  shown on the balance sheet less the surplus for the revaluation of assets not realised, which may not be less than three minimum monthly wages. As regards the balance sheet referred to in this subparagraph, the provisions of the final paragraph of this Article shall also apply to it.


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Who are my related parties?

Who are my related parties?

RELATED PARTIES (Tax Code) Article 199-C.- for the purposes of the provisions of this Code andother tax laws, the following shall be understood as related parties: (a) where one of them directs or controls the other, or owns, directlyor indirectly, at least 25%...



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