1. Preparation of Supporting Documentation.

We prepare the Supporting Documentation or Transfer Pricing report in Jamaica, according to the transfer pricing regulations issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2015. This article states that this document must contain the master report and the local report.

2. Advice on the Transfer Pricing declaration ‘Schedule 8’ and Local File.

WAdvice on the completion and filing of the Transfer Pricing form ‘Schedule 8’ in Jamaica. In addition, consultancy in the development and conclusion of the analysis of transactions in the Technical Study of Transfer Pricing (Local File).

3. Advice on the Transfer Pricing declaration Master File.

Advice on the completion of the Master File document, which must be presented upon request by the Tax Administration.

4. Advice on contentious Transfer Pricing proceedings.

This service involves the diagnosis, defence strategy and preparation of the same, in accordance with the formalities of each country, in order to provide adequate advice to our clients in the face of audits or requirements of the Tax Administrations in transfer pricing matters.

5. Transfer Pricing Planning.

Technical analysis that seeks to establish an optimal structure and valuation of operations between related or related parties and/or transactions carried out with countries or territories of low or no taxation, in order to verify that the transactions analysed comply with the Arm’s Length or arm's length principle, and that the company maintains the corresponding supporting documentation, taking into consideration the particularities of the Legislation of the country where the company or business group will carry out operations.