October 26th, 2017. Quito – Ecuador: “Transfer Pricing in Ecuador: Changes, Challenges and Future”

Extract from the conference:

The transfer prices have had great changes that are reflected in the technical reference that publishes the OECD and applicable according to the article 89 Regulation of Application of the Organic Law of Internal Tax Regime. However, in the exercise of their power, reforms have been established locally, which in some cases may represent a challenge or a greater burden for the taxpayer. The conference seeks to show the current scenario, its challenges so that in the exercise of the presentation of transfer pricing reports can minimize or predict contingencies.

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017

Location: Hotel Dann Carlton – Av El Salvador N34-377


  • Karilin Arenas A. – Partner of TP Consulting
  • Enrique Díaz – Founding Partner of TP Consulting

Duration: 2 hours


8.30 – 8.45: Registration.
8.45 – 9.30: Technical aspects applicable to fiscal year 2017 and effects on obligations, the new challenge of taxpayers.
9.35 – 10.15: The future of transfer pricing

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