Annual meeting of partners for the update and start of activities 2019

Lima, January 21, 2019

During the week of January 14, the annual meeting of partners was held, whose objective was to update our work plan for 2019, establish our market strategies, incorporate improvements in our global formats and discuss the Regulations related to Transfer Prices in America, Europe and the Middle East.

This year, the main venue of our meeting was the Lima-Peru office, a city that warmly welcomed the partners and representatives of Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Jamaica, the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia ), Panama and Peru.

Among the most outstanding topics discussed at our meeting, the adaptation of TP Consulting as a consulting firm with an international presence specializing in Transfer Pricing is highlighted and a work at the regional level that incorporates the OECD guidelines and the Framework for Action is foreseen 13 of BEPS. In this way, work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural way, in order to collect the latest international trends on the subject of Transfer Pricing and adapt them to the particularities of each country’s tax regulations.

Finally, TP Consulting maintains the commitment for this 2019, to provide its clients with practical solutions for the fulfillment of their Transfer Price Obligations according to the requirements of the Tax Administration in each country in which it has an effective presence, with its own offices and local staff.

Global Knowledge Applied to Local Reality

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