30 / August / 2018. Quito – Ecuador: “Transfer Prices in the era of fiscal transparency and general aspects of the law of productive promotion”. By Enriquez Diaz, Karilin Arenas, Rodrigo Garcés and Karina Becerra (Partners).

The breakfast conference was held in the Windsor room of the Dann Carlton Hotel, in the city of Quito. The objective of the conference was to analyze the information that the Tax Administration has and could access, considering the technical assistance received from an organization such as the OECD and its accession to the Global Forum.

We have the participation in the exhibitions of the staff of the firm that make up TP Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The conference began with the participation of Rodrigo Garcés Partner of TP Consulting Ecuador, who made an analysis of the Organic Law for Productive Development, Attraction of Investments, Employment Generation and Stability and Fiscal Balance.

Followed by the presentation of Ricardo Navarrete Manager of TP Consulting Ecuador, who pointed out some technical aspects of transfer pricing that will be applied by the tax administration for the fiscal period 2018.

One of the topics of greatest interest was that presented by Karilin Arenas Partner of TP Consulting Ecuador, which was the automatic exchange of financial and fiscal information both in national and international territory, both being a source of determination regarding Transfer Pricing.

There was the valuable participation of high-level international exhibitors such as Enrique Díaz Tong, principal partner of TP Consulting, who showed us a case study of the Tax Administration and the effect of a report with inconsistent data on the result of the determination. As well as the participation of Karina Becerra, Partner of TP Consulting Colombia and former official of the DIAN in International Taxation, who explained Colombia’s commitments on Transfer Pricing after joining the OECD.

Attendees were attentive to participate, directing questions and concerns to the exhibitors, the same ones who answered and resolved their questions during and at the end of the conference.

We appreciate the assistance of all participants, we hope that the conference has been to your liking, we look forward to seeing you next year.

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