Legal Alert 001-2020-EC: Modification of the filing dates of the annual income tax declaration for fiscal year 2019.

On April 1, the SRI published Resolution Nro. NAC-DGERCGC20-00000025[1] which in its sole transitory provision states that taxpayers, except non-profit institutions and State institutions, will present the tax declaration to corporate income for fiscal year 2019, without generating fines and interest, until the dates indicated in the following calendar:

Ninth digit of the RUC or           identity card of the                        taxpayer        Expiration date               (Until)
               1 and 2         April 15, 2020
               3 and 4         April 17, 2020
               5 and 6         April 21, 2020
                   7         April 23, 2020
               8 and 9         April 29, 2020
                   0         April 30, 2020

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