Legal alert 001-2019-EC: SRI updates the Technical Data Sheet for the Standardization of Transfer Price Analysis.

The Technical Data Sheet for the Standardization of the Transfer Price Analysis is a document that details all the minimum form and fund requirements that the transfer pricing documentation must have: the Integral Transfer Price Report and the supporting documents that are attached , hence the importance of the taxpayer knowing the content, which allows him to understand if his study meets the legal requirements.

On March 1, the Technical Data Sheet for the Standardization of Transfer Price Analysis was updated, which unlike the previous one we have the new points, among others:

  1. It has no date or version. The previous version was the March 6, 2018 version. It can be said that this is the seventh version.
  2. Group information: corporate and organizational structure. It should be noted that this requirement is part of the master report, a report suggested by the OECD, but that Ecuador does not have it implemented as a requirement in its legislation.
  3. It is requested to incorporate in the table of transactions the mapping of the information boxes of the Annual Income Tax Declaration.
  4. Justification of the change of method from one fiscal period to another.
  5. Attach the financial statements and notes of the financial information, of the analyzed and comparable, used in the analysis.
  6. If the report has been prepared by a third party, indicate the service provider and RUC.
  7. Priority of use of internal comparables, whether analyzed or related party.

The changes made seek to facilitate the control of the Tax Administration to determine the risk factors in Transfer Prices.

For more detail in the following link: FICHA TÉCNICA DE ESTANDARIZACIÓN, pueden encontrar el documento completo.

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